Centrifuge Tubes Conical Bottom, PP/HDPE

• Abdos Centrifuge tubes are manufactured using high purity virgin USP Class VI Medical grade polypropylene (PP) conforming to US FDA 21 CFR, free from natural rubber & heavy metal.
• The large white frosted portion for easy writing.
• Silk-Screen graduation makes identification easy.
• Amber colour option for light-sensitive samples.

CodeCapacity (ml)Cap Colour(mm)Outer DiameterHeightNo./case
P1043015 ml (Bulk)Blue16.5 mm121 mm500
P1040115 mlBlue16.5 mm121 mm500
P1044115 mlRed16.5 mm121 mm500
P1040215 ml, SterileBlue16.5 mm121 mm500
P1044215 ml, SterileRed 16.5 mm121 mm500
P1043150 ml (Bulk)Blue29.2 mm116 mm500
P1040350 mlBlue29.2 mm116 mm500
P1044350 mlRed29.2 mm116 mm500
P1040450 ml, SterileBlue29.2 mm116 mm500
P1044450 ml, SterileRed29.2 mm116 mm500
Centrifuge Tube Conical Bottom, PP AMBER
P1040515 ml, AmberBlue16.5 mm121 mm500
P1040615 ml, Sterile AmberBlue16.5 mm 121 mm500
P1040750 ml, AmberBlue29.2 mm116 mm500
P1040850 ml, Sterile AmberBlue29.2 mm116 mm500
P10405T15 ml, Transparent AmberBlue 16.5 mm121 mm500
P10406T15 ml, Transparent Amber, SterileBlue 16.5 mm121 mm500
P10407T50 ml, Transparent AmberBlue29.2 mm 116 mm500
P10408T50 ml, Transparent Amber, SterileBlue29.2 mm 116 mm500
*Depending on the quality of the Centrifuge and compatibility of the Rotor.
*Transparent Amber Centrifuge tubes can be supplied upon request



  • Abdos centrifuge tubes are manufactured from ultra pure USP class VI certified virgin medical grade polypropylene to ensure the highest quality &
    confirming to US FDA 21 CFR.
  • Unique printing technology makes the surface chemical resistant & scratch proof.
  • Perfect grip on screw cap provides secure control on the cap in wet conditions.
    Even wall thickness to withstand maximum G-force, 18000*g RCF. Suitable for temperatures between -80°C and +121°C.
  • Sterile tubes have been validated according to ISO 11137 SAL 10-6. The large white frosted portion for easy writing.
  • Highly transparent, 5% less haze than the competitor.
  • Hydrodynamic conical bottom for perfect pelleting of sediments.
  • Free from heavy metals, natural rubber & inhibitory plasticizers.
  • Gas chromatography/ Mass spectrometry (GC/MS) tests ensure the purity of the products.

The Cap

  • Specially designed flat thread confirms perfect vacuum-tight closure, makes it leakproof & prevents override of the cap.
  • Unique plug seal ensures perfect sealing & makes it leakproof.

Product spec

DNase RNase FreeYes
Free of endotoxinsYes
Free of heavy metalsYes
Human DNA freeYes
Leak-proof Tested 635 mm/HgYes
ATP & Pyrogen freeYes
Sterile (Gamma Irradiation)Yes
GC/MS (Gas chromatography & Mass Spectrophotometry Test)Yes
IVDR CertifiedYes

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