Committed To The Earth


Pursuing ‘Green’ has become a quest for ABDOS towards Go Green Earth, with competitiveness and global excellence.​

As a young and innovative company, ABDOS is setting the environment standards for others to follow. STEPS TAKEN FOR BEING A GREEN ORGANIZATION Green Logistics; Goods are transported by rail or sea whenever possible.​

​Hot runner moulds save on plastic usage. Closed water cycle cooling process saves energy. The use of modern, electronic moulding machines which consume less energy than the older, hydraulic machines. The use of robotic and automation reduce human interference thereby reducing carbon footprint.​

As a manufacturer, ABDOS has control over design and manufacturing of it’s products by reducing waste and weight of the plastic, paper bags and foils generated at ours and our supplier’s plant. Abdos eliminates printing waste by e-marketing it’s products and services. Large expanse of greenery and plants at all locations of ABDOS reduce ozone levels, helping to remove carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the air, which cools the earth.​

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