ABDOS Pipette tips come in Anti-warpage Technology based Gen-2 Tip Box.

ABDOS Centrifuge Tubes & Trace Metal Free Tubes !

Experience The Finest Super Filter Technology With Abdos Filter Tips

Watch the Demonstration of ABDOS HOTBLOCK - LED Digital Dry Bath.

ABDOS Swirl Mini Micro Centrifuge - Small, Compact & Reliable for Spin-Down & Microfiltration

Abdos Biohazard Bags & Sharp Containers-Segregation, Disinfection & Safe Disposal of Medical Waste

Trace Metal-Free Centrifuge Tubes-Setting Cleaner Standards in Centrifuge Wares

Long term temperature maintenance of your Thermo-labile samples using Frosty Mate

Abdos DERMA GUARD Gloves Conforms to ASTM D6319 and EN 455 Standards

Abdos Swirlex Vortex Mixer - Speed Range up to 2500 rpm

Screw Cap Tubes - New Container Closure Tubes for your High Cost Reagents

Abdos Cryo Vials for low temperature storage of reagents & samples up to -196°C

Abdos Cryo Vials - Safeguarding Cells for Tomorrow!

Pipette Filler by Abdos is robust, light-weight and best-fit for ...

Step-by-step guide on how to use the Rave Pipette Filler.

Biofill Bottle Top Filtration System by Abdos

Biofill Bottle Top Filtration System Application and Usage

Screw Cap Tubes manufactured by Abdos

Abdos Screw Cap Tube Racks ensure hassle-free aliquoting and processing of liquid samples.

Lightweight, easy-to-open bench top centrifuge machine From Abdos Life Sciences.

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