Water Proof Cryo Gloves

  • These cryogenic gloves protect your hands and arms when working in hazardous, ultra-cold environments.
  • These gloves are designed to provide high level of thermal protection where the exposure to cryogenic fluids might exist.
  • These cryo gloves are made from state-of-the art fabrics and use a flexible, multi-layeredinsulated construction that provides maximum thermal protection to perform tasks effectively and safely.
  • These gloves are multi-layered and allow for maximum level of thermal protection, flexibility and dexterity essential feature when function is important and safety is critical.
Code Size No. Per Case
U20319 Wrist S 12880
U20320 Wrist M 12880
U20321 Wrist L 12880
U20322 Wrist XL 12880
U20323 Mid Arm S 13905
U20324 Mid Arm M 13905
U20325 Mid Arm L 13905
U20326 Mid Arm XL 13905
U20327 Elbow S 17200
U20328 Elbow M 17200
U20329 Elbow L 17200
U20330 Elbow XL 17200