Touch Cycler 9639 Thermal Cycler

  • Abdos Touch Cycler 9639 Thermal Cycler is the perfect for all-purpose PCR machine with a Large, colour touchscreen which can be used while wearing gloves.
  • This is easy to use, with intuitive programming and a library of preinstalled programs. Program Wizard helps users to set up a protocol on a single screen. Programs are shown graphically and are easily edited which can be stored in public folders, in private (password-protected) folders.
  • Touch Cycler 9639 is equipped with Aluminium block with Peltier heating/ cooling element. Its multi-format sample block is suitable for use with 96 x 0.2 ml tubes, 39 x 0.5 ml tubes, and 96-well plates: no interchangeable parts required!
  • For even more flexibility, the unit may be purchased with an optional 384-well block or an adapter that holds up to four slides for in situ PCR or hybridization of pathology samples.
  • Sample integrity is maintained with the fully adjustable heated lid that prevents evaporation and condensation. Lid temperature can be programmed and will turn off automatically when block temperature falls below 35°C.
Code Product No. Per Case
E11351 Touch Cycler 9639 Thermal Cycler, multiformat Block (Accepts 1 PCR Plates,96x0.2ml tubes or 39x0.5ml tubes) 1
E11352 Touchcycler 32 Mini Thermal Cycler, Multiformat Block (Accept 32x0.2ml or 4 PCR Strips) 1
E11353 Touch Cycler 9639 Thermal Cycler with 1X384 well block 1
Touch Cycler 9639 Multiformat Block 96 x 0.2 ml tubes, 39 x 0.5 ml tubes or 1 nonskirted 96 well plate
Touch Cycler-32 Mini 32 x 0.2 ml tubes or 4 PCR Strips
384 well block 1x384 well plate
In-Situ Adapter 4xslides(Fits in Multiformat Block)
Temperature control range 0°-100°C
Temperature Control Modes Block control or simulated sample control
Heating cooling method Peltier
Programmable lid temperature 30°-112°C, User Adjustable
Maximum ramp rate: Heating Rate 5°C per sec
Cooling Rate 4°C per sec
Time increments/decrements Yes, Time & Temperature
Temp accuracy/uniformity ±0.2°/±0.2°
Gradient range/differential 30°C to 105°C /1-30°C
Restart after power failure Yes
Certifications ISO9001:2000
Program memory Up to 100 programs. Unlimited storage with a USB flash drive
Communication LAN and RS232
Multiuser login with password protection Yes