SWIRLEX - Vortex Shaker

  • Swirlex is suitable for touch or continuous operation.
  • Swirlex vortex shaker is used for gentle mixing to vigorous resuspension of cells biological and canonical liquid components in tubes using eccentric mechanism.
  • Swirlex has a wide speed range of 0-2500 rpm
  • Built from sturdy cast casing.
  • Swirlex vortex shakers  contains specially designed silicone feet and steel base excellent for damping vibration.
  • Swirlex is eccentric with oil less ball bearings.
Code Product No. Per Case
E11190 Swirlex - Adjustable Vortex Shaker 1
Spare Accessories
Code Product No. Per Case
E11191 Tube holding rod 1
E11192 Universal 100 mm top plate with 4 vaccum suction feet 1
E11198 Platform pad for tubes and vessels Ø 99 mm 1
E11197 Tube adaptear for 48 holes test tubes Ø 6 mm  
E11193 Tube adaptear for 18 holes test tubes Ø 10 mm 1
E11194 Tube adaptear for 12 holes test tubes Ø 12 mm 1
E11195 Tube adaptear for 8 holes test tubes Ø 16 mm 1
E11196 Tube adaptear for 8 holes test tubes Ø 20 mm 1
*E11192 is required to run Abdos E11197, E11193, E11194, E11195 & E11196 adapters.