Cryo Box, System - 100, PC

  • Manufactured of strong polycarbonate and designed to be used at temperature between -196° C to +121° C.
  • Can be used in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen with appropriate safety procedure in place.
  • These boxes have 10x10 array (100 places) that can optimize the storage volume of end user.
  • These boxes create small, space-efficient storage system within a large mechanical freezer.
  • Transparent lids permit viewing of contents.
  • Cryo Box are available in White, Yellow, Blue colours.
  • Lids have numbered grid for sample identification. Surface of the lid has frosted area suitable for writing with markers, facilitating inventory control.
  • The dimensions of the P20615 Cryo Box are compatible with vertical, horizontal and drawer style freezer racks.
  • Can be autoclaved.
Code Tube Capacity (ml) Places L x W x H No. Per Case
P20615 1-2 (Freezer Compatible) 100 (10x10 Array) 133 x 133 x 54 4
P20611 1-2 100 (10x10 Array) 140 x 140 x 54 4
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