centrifuge tubes

Centrifuge Tubes Conical Bottom, PS/HDPE

  • Abdos Centrifuge tubes are manufactured in state of the art moulded facility using high purity virgin polypropylene.
  • Polystyrene centrifuge tube are hydrophobic.
  • Its biologically inert surface is good for cell and protein recovery
  • Perform well with animal cell culture handling.
  • Large white froted portion for easy writing.
  • Silk-Screen graduation makes identification easy.
  • Option of Amber colorfor ligh sensitive sample.
  • Build in plug in the cap makes it leak proof.
  • Radiation Sterilized.
  • Maximum RCF 2500.
Code Capacity (ml) Cap Colour Outer Diameter (mm) Height (mm) No. Per Case
P10419 15 (Sterile) Blue 16.5 117.8 500
P10421 15 (Racked Sterile) Blue 16.5 125 750 (25 pcs x 30 racks)
*Sterile Tubes has been validated according to EN ISO 11137 - 2; 2012 for SAL 10-6